What is smmpot.com ?

Welcome to smmpot.com. If administered correcly smmpot.com is the medicine you are looking for your

social media account management. With smmpot.com you can enlarge your social media presence and

reach more people.

Is my account at risk ?

We record and observe the effect of orders placed on smmpot.com with all social media accounts in real

time and would like to inform you that from the date smmpot.com became operational we have not

observed any risks in the accounts unless there is intentional abuse by the account owner. However,

please keep in mind that smmpot.com applications do not take any responsibility for any problems that

may occur. (please see Terms of Usage)

What is the effect on my account ?

You can be sure that you will see the effects of growth if you follow a controlled and regular progress in

your orders through Socialpanel. For example; the posts you share on Instagram go to the "Explore"

section. This allows your post to reach more Instagram users. Another example is that you are more

likely to appear constantly in the “Recommended” section of the videos you share on Youtube. This

helps your video sharing be seen by more Youtube users.

How Do I Start Using smmpot.com ?

You can start using the services of our website in three simple steps:

- Sign up.

- Fund your account.

- Place your order.

In the add new order section, you can create a new order by entering the link or user name and typing

the quantity you want, taking into account the category of the transaction you want and the warnings

notificatons in the service and service description.

How To Create an Account?

How To Add Credits To Your smmpot.com Account?

How To Place An Order For Followers on smmpot

How To Place an Order For Likes on smmpot

How do I add Credit

After you have successfully registered click on the menu button on the left and then click on the button

that says “Load Balance”. From this page, you can pay without a commission 24/7 with PayTR. Your

card information is in not kept on record in the smmpot.com infrastructure. Payments you make with

PayTR are protected by 3D secure system. You can also safely pay by mobile..

PayTR - Credit Card / Debit Card

If you select the "PayTR - Credit Card / Debit Card" payment method, fill in the "Amount You Want to

Load" section at the bottom. After typing your phone number in the following format +90 XXX XXX XX XX,

click on the "Secure Payment" button. Then, on the page you are directed with PayTR, write your card

information correctly. After entering the password sent to your phone by your bank, your payment will be

automatically confirmed within 10 minutes.

How Can I Order?

Click the button that says "New Order" from the menu on the left. On the page that opens, all the

services of smmpot.com can be found in the "Categories" section. Select the category you want to order

from this menu. Then choose which service you want to order from the "Service" menu. The price written

in the service you choose is the price for 1000 units. After making sure you read the "Service

Description" section in detail, write the type of link specified in the description in the place that says

"Link". Just enter your username in follower services section. Then write an amount between the

maximum or minimum values you can give from that service in the quantity section. After performing

these operations, click on the "Create New Order" button. Your order will be completed within the time

specified in the description section.

Automated Processes

Automated transactions help you make continuous transactions through the panel. After creating

automatic processes, you do not need to apply any other operations on the panel. Automated

transactions activate the service you automatically set for the posts you share on social media platforms,

and provide delivery as long as you have a balance on Socialpanel. This not only simplifies your

operations, but also saves you more time.

How to Generate Automatic Likes

Automatic likes are services that run automatically during the time you set, without requiring any action.

To order automatic likes; After logging into smmpot.com , the "Instagram Auto" category is selected from

the Categories on the order screen on the "New Order" page. You can then choose any of the

“Instagram Auto Likes” services. You should write your Instagram username in the "Username" section

below. After typing in your username, please specify the number of posts in the "Number of posts"

section, if you want to automatically receive likes in the future. For example; like your future 100 posts...

In the Quantity section, specify the minimum number of likes if you want to send the minimum number of

likes to the "Min" and "Max" sections. In the "Max" section, specify the number of likes you want to be

sent the most. If you want to enter a fixed value. You can write “Min” and “Max” values same. In the

“Delay time” section, specify the starting time of the likes after the post if you want the likes to start within

a few minutes after your post is shared. In the "end time" section, you have to specify when the

automatic rating will end. You can follow your automatic transactions from the "Subscriptions" page.

How to Generate Automatic Views

Automatic views are services that run automatically during the time you set, without requiring any

additional operation. In order to automatically place an order for views; After logging in on smmpot.com,

the category "Auto Track" is selected from the Categories on the order screen on the "New Order" page.

You can then choose any of the “Instagram Auto Tracking” services. You should write your Instagram

username in the "Username" section below. After typing your username, simply specify how many posts

you want to be automatically tracked in the "Number of posts" section. For example; view your future 100

posts... In the Quantity section, specify the minimum number of views if you want to send the minimum

number of views to the "Min" and "Max" sections. In the "Max" section, specify the maximum number of

views you want to send. If you want to enter a fixed value. You can write “Min” and “Max” values as

same. In the "Delay time" section, specify the start time of the views after the post, and the duration of

the views to occur in. In the "end time" section, you have to determine when the automatic viewing will

end. You can track your automatic transactions from the "Subscriptions" page.

What is a Periodic Order and How do I place it ?

Periodic order services are the services that operate at certain time intervals, where your submissions

look more organic than bulk submissions. To be able to place orders; After logging into smmpot.com,

select the services where the periodical order is active from the categories on the order window in the

"New Order" page. After typing in the link type specified in the description of the link section, specify the

amount of posts in the quantity section to determine how many posts should be sent in each transaction.

Then, after clicking the Periodic order button, in the section that opens, "How many times should the

transaction be repeated?" In this section, write the amount you want the total order to repeat. “How many

minutes will you post? In the section that says (60 * 24 = 1440 for daily posts), specify the time intervals

you want your process to start. The amount you specify here is processed in minutes. In the "Total

Quantity" section, how many posts will be sent as a result of this transaction is written. After clicking the

"Complete Order" button, your order will run and provide posts in the time periods you specified. You can

follow up your Periodic orders on the "Periodic Orders" page.

Order Process

Order stages guide you through the completion of your order. Learning the order stages will help you

check the status of your order. Generally, the orders you place on smmpot.com first go through the

control stage, then are placed in the queue and put on hold before sending. When your order is

processed, the order phase changes to below categories while sending, and then your order is finalized.

- Waiting

This is when your order is in queue and the link you sent is being checked by us. If your order exceeds

this status, it is placed in the order and goes into the "Preparing" status.

- Preparing

This is when your order is queued after checking. The link you sent us waits in the order line to be

processed and when it comes to the status of "Loading".

- Loading

This means that your order is being loaded. Your order will be completed within the time specified in the

service description you ordered.

- Partially Completed

This means that a part of your order has been loaded and the part that has not been loaded is returned

automatically. In some cases, there are updates on the platform you want to buy or otherwise

smmpot.com services are constantly updated and try to offer you the best service. However, in some

cases, we may be able to provide incomplete posts due to order density or as the above mentioned

social media platforms are constantly updated. In this case, we refund the incomplete part of your order.

If you encounter this situation, you can order again and complete the missing part.

- Cancelled

There are many reasons for canceling your order. The most common reason for cancellation is the "link"

type specified in the description of the services not being compatible with the service provider. If the link

type written in the service descriptions is not compatible, your order may be placed in the status of

"Pending" or canceled. In this case, you need to check the type of link you need to make and link using

completely English characters. Turkish or or any other language characters other than English are not

accepted. Apart from the link type, there may be many reasons for your order to be canceled. If social

media platforms or smmpot.com services are updated while you place an order, your order will be

canceled. For all these reasons, if your order is canceled, your balance on smmpot.com will be returned

automatically. You can order again after you have checked the provided information again.

Whats is a Refill ?

As you know, the number of followers decrease over time as people stop following . In refill services, the

system automatically completes this number. For example, if you bought 10000 followers and this

number decreases, the system completes this to 10000 again.

smmpot.com Services

smmpot.com services are increasing everyday, organized and developed according to your wishes. The

socialpanel team aims to give you the best service. That's why we work non-stop to offer you the best


What Does Service Descriptions Mean?

Since the characteristics of each service are different, the descriptions that are written are specific to

only one service and do not change unless other services display the same features. The explanation

section is written and edited to guide you, the smmpot.com customers. smmpot.com customers are

obliged to comply with the disclosed statements.

Matters Needing Attention

If you want your order to be completed quickly and properly, you must fully comply with the items stated

in the service description. Otherwise, your service may be canceled, delayed or your order may be

completed without return or compesation. Exposing your account or excessive spam to your matters on

any platform may decrease your experience on the platforms and even your accounts on social media

may be closed. Considering these, it is under the responsibility of smmpot.com customers to take

necessary actions.

How Does the Service Speed Change?

Service speeds are generally determined by order density, updates on social media platforms or service

updates. In general, smmpot.com peak hours are between 12:00 and 20:00. The biggest advice of our

service managers to find out the service speeds is for customers to -place trial orders using the minimum

quantities of the service before ordering.

According to What Are Service Prices Determined?

Prices of smmpot.com services are generally determined by the density of the service. If the service is

used more than necessary, service slowness will increase and the price will therefore drop. If there is no

over-demand for a service, the service will start fast and the price will be high to reflect that.

In some services, you will be asked for a link based on your username. When the link is requested, you

can use the examples below.

Instagram Followers

Instagram Likes & Impressions https://www.instagram.com/p/BHubey5AcJ4

Twitter Followers https://www.twitter.com/twitter

Twitter RT & Like https://www.twitter.com/status/749343320338407425

Facebook Page Likes https://www.facebook.com/facebook

YouTube Impression https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0